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Our Mission

Born in 2022, Avedero Consulting quickly matured into a well-established consulting company. We sincerely believe that modern businesses require a human-oriented approach to automation and digitalization. IT solutions we offer are control units that clearly visualize your inner and outer processes, making the data easy to understand and interpret. With our complex follow-up support, you’ll cover every aspect of your business activities and enter a new level of efficiency. Successful projects and happy clients prove that we’ve managed to create working algorithms that help companies grow. And we’ll keep coming up with new ideas.

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Avedero values that drive us forward

Bespoke solution for your business

We don't have a universal solution for each business. Based on a fine-grained analysis of your activities and needs, we work out unique strategies and individual plans. More than that, we help with the implementation part, give valuable advice and guide every step to make all the measures highly effective.

Dedication to clients success

Rational management of available resources is a key goal in any organization. We make sure that all your activities are united into one mechanism and follow the 20vs80 rule. Cost-efficiency can be achieved with well-coordinated gear wheels that operate smoothly thanks to regular oiling. In this case, it is constant monitoring of new tendencies and needs. Such measures are sure to lead to desired results.

Transparency that gives you full control

Although our teams come up with creative solutions, you are in charge of every process. You’ll feel it in everything we do, as the final decision is always yours to make. The communication is client-oriented, with every piece in interaction chains being as transparent as possible. So, get primed for the atmosphere of friendly cooperation and mutual understanding.

DNA-driven thirst for ideas

We never stand still. Pushing boundaries of creativity and technology, we find forward-thinking and competitive solutions. Dealing with cutting-edge innovations isn’t our goal. It is in our nature. An outside-the-box approach is a secret tool that we use to get into customers’ heads. Only to see what will keep them coming back.

Education as the key to self-perfection

To remain competitive and well-informed about advanced technologies, tendencies, and innovations, we constantly scan the market and study trends. Our team top up their qualifications and take part in field-specific conferences, getting insights about the products and bleeding-edge features. As a result, our educational efforts transform into high-quality service.

Cultivating global mindset

Sticking to only one country is not a wise idea, especially in such a globally interconnected world. That is why we focus on diversity, which brings a better experience and makes us flexible. Location of the business, as well as its type and specialization, may be any. Boundaries won’t hinder our cooperation in any way. Guaranteed.

· Customers FEEDBACK

What our clients say about us

Adam Sands
Roman has been an absolute blessing to our team. We build hubspot CRM's for the Roofing and Solar community and integrate it with Monday.com for the production management/service side of things. Roman has been very quick to adapt to changes and recognized problems before they come.He was brought on to build out a CRM system for a roofing company AND they are over the moon happy. We are now in the customer support stage of the project and roman has been quick to answer and help move things along.
Maria Demchuk
Marketing Manager at Revenue.ai
A great job was done by Avedero. All our requirements were met in the best way, they were available for any questions during the cooperation.
Alvaro Rubio
Manager at Space Next Door
Roman did a great job, not only in Hubspot but as sales consultants. Great communications and great ideas and implementations. I hope to keep working with them in the future!
Boris Verbitsky
CEO at Able
Roman provided an outstanding service helping us to set up and migrate to Hubspot. Very responsive and kind communication made it easy and enjoyable to cooperate with him. Timely delivery and his experience provided great results. Overall great experience working with Avedero.
Magdalena Chajduga
Sales & Ops Manager at VirtaMed
Roman and his company were a pleasure to work with. Roman showed us how to improve the usage of HubSpot by creating dashboards, merging sales pipelines and stages. Thanks to the collaboration with Avedero our sales process is now smoother and more efficient. He brought strong expertise to the table, provided professional training sessions, and was always open to our questions. Very quick and reliable communication made the project smooth and effective. Highly recommended!
Cheryl Sansonetti
Director of Marketing at NCX
Working with Roman made our implementation so much smoother and easier. He brought a strong expertise to the table, answered any question we through at him and got us up and running quickly. Loved the Slack communication and the ability to hop on calls as we needed. Felt like a team member.
Jannelle Zawaideh
CEO at JMZ Management
Roman was an absolute pleasure to work with. He is quick, very knowledgeable and has implemented so many systems in place for our companies. I highly recommend Roman! Thanks Roman!
Adam Sands
We love working with Roman, this is I think our 2nd or 3rd project together. Plus we have ongoing support starting with him and I foresee it being busy in the foreseeable future. However should this review be getting read months or years from now and his availability has opened up. I would ABSOLUTELY want him to stay busy and working on creative projects for a client he enjoys working with who threats him with the respect he deserves.
He is fantastic at developing hubspot systems and has been an invaluable member of the team we want to keep expanding our relationship going forward."
Johan Du Plessis
CEO at AbilityMade
Avedero is fantastic to work with, very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and finished everything on-time
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“Our mission is to build the most powerful bespoke solutions for companies worldwide.”

Roman Avetisov
Founder, Avedero Consulting