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Our HubSpot Data Migration service is a cost-effective, customizable solution to migrate your data from any source to HubSpot. Future-proof your business with a seamless transition of historical data.

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This is the one time you shouldn't do it yourself.

There are a lot of things that need to be done when migrating data, and we'll make sure you get them done right. From migrating data properties to adding historical engagements (i.e. tasks, notes, emails), we'll take care of everything so you can focus on your business.

Pre-configuration of HubSpot

Our team of certified HubSpot experts will make required changes in configurations in your HubSpot account: create additional custom fields, set up pipelines, update portal settings.

Accurate data mapping

We will map your data fields, pipelines and all other aspects of the legacy source with the HubSpot account and your processes to ensure 100% accurate data migration.

Smooth data transition

Our team of experts can assist you in determining the best approach to migrate your data without interrupting your business.

· migration process

Our experts will migrate your data just in 5 steps


Analysis of the business need to do a data migration

Every company has a unique business model but the end goal ultimately conjoins into getting more sales by converting and acquiring more customers. We examine the exact reasons why the business needs to migrate and as per their business, we plan the migration for them. Throughout the project, they are updated on the progress and final results. In this step, we impart knowledge about migration and help them to widen their business vision.


Review of the legacy data source

Our experts look through the original data source you want to migrate from. We analyze your database architecture, data segmentation and health check according to your business processes. It lets us to identify the final scope of work and determine what changes are to be made in your HubSpot account.


Configuration and modifications of your HubSpot account

Based on the review results of your data source, our certified HubSpot experts proceed with the implementation of changes in the HubSpot account to ensure accurate data mapping. All adjustments and amendments in your system are documented and shared with your team.


Execution of data migration

We understand that business process can not be interrupted. To ensure smooth data migration without any cutovers in your operations, our experts run the data transition "overnight" based on your time zone and working hours.


Post-migration meeting with the stakeholders

As the data migration is complete, we conduct a post-migration meeting with the stakeholders to present final results and share documented changes made in the HubSpot account.

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